“Thank you so much for helping me out of my wardrobe slump. You changed my wardrobe in a way I never thought was possible, all while still allowing me to be who I am. I really appreciated that.” – Susan L.

“Prior to working with Lauren, I found myself in a bit of a rut with my styling choices.  I had a lot of clothes but couldn’t seem to get creative with my outfits.  Lauren has a natural talent for bringing one’s closet to life and has really helped me engage my creative side.  I truly believe working with Lauren is an investment well worth it! My 2nd and more recent session with Lauren was due to a few changes I had in my job/personal life.  I needed help creating looks that were versatile, allowing me to go from my day job, to my 2nd job in retail and then out on the town.  She did an amazing job taking the clothes I already had, creating layers, that allowed me to change 1 thing about the outfit, essentially creating a whole new look.  I now have a whole book of ideas to look at when getting dressed, which has saved me a lot of time.  My husband told me that alone is priceless!” – Kim C.

“My biggest concern was making sure the service was worth it….  After working with Lauren it was very evident that her services were well worth the investment.  She gave life to blouses, blazers and skirts that I never even knew still had a sparkle.  She made outfits with items I would have given away and this alone was worth it… What Lauren does well is the way she delivers her advice.  She has a non-threatening way to communicate you should get rid of your favorite sweater (because it has a stain) or that you are too old to still wear some of the items you still own from high school.  Lauren explains her reasoning in a matter-of-fact, non-emotional, almost scientific way.  She justifies why you should donate, keep or alter and it empowers you to make the right decisions going forward…. The experience was well worth it.  Thanks Lauren!” – Brittany M.

“Where was I before Lauren and Stylized Existence?

Constantly standing in front of an overstuffed closet, confused and bewildered that despite all the clothes in there – I simply had nothing to wear!!!  With Lauren’s expert help I would guess I got rid of over half of my clothes.  I was holding on to things I didn’t like, didn’t fit right, went with nothing, were out of style, etc….  I took a large amount to a consignment shop and donated the rest.  I thought it would be hard to give up some of it, but, it wasn’t.  It felt fantastic to only have things in my closet I would truly wear and feel good in.  After going through every single piece of clothing I owned, she helped me look at my clothes with a new perspective.  Creating at least 20 new outfits, I was able to use them as a guide for creating even more outfits on my own.  I have a new level of confidence when putting together outfits.  Lauren has an exceptional ability to help you create your own unique style.

Hiring Lauren is the best fashion investment I’ve ever made! ” – Julie D.

“I will 100% be a repeat customer. {Lauren} showed me options that were exactly what I was trying to accomplish!” – Mallory B.

“As someone who balances a professional life with a personal life, I find I’m continuously challenged with making my wardrobe work in both worlds.  Ideally, one wardrobe would satisfy both.  Before working with Lauren, I was not able to accomplish this.  Lauren and I scheduled two sessions this past winter – one for current wardrobe consultation, and the other for adding to the wardrobe.  What I really appreciate about Lauren is the fact that she wanted to learn about me – my style preferences, my lifestyle and how that impacted my wardrobe selection.  We spent about 30 minutes just talking about my day-to-day activity so she could understand how my clothing selections were made in the past, and what my goals were for the future.  Going through my closet, she was able to make good use of many things I already had, rather than starting from scratch.  We built from the existing wardrobe, which I greatly appreciated from a cost standpoint. 

 I really appreciated her candor in letting me know what wasn’t flattering, both with fit and color/style.  As a professional, I want to present myself as contemporary, but with the modesty that fits my age bracket.  She really encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, while allowing me to project an image that still fit me.” – Charis B.

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