Closet Overhaul – Includes consultation discussion, 3-hour  in-home closet styling session, and 1-hour follow up closet guidance (web-based).  { $275 }

  • Discuss existing wardrobe from a fit, style, and color perspective
  • Assist in categorizing clothing into 3 groups: items that should remain in wardrobe, donation items, and items to be thrown away
  • Create new outfits from existing pieces with explanation and guidance to help you understand how to replicate in the future
  • Web-based photo guide of newly-created outfits for future reference
  • Post-session recommendations based on specific wardrobe needs (will include links to online items and guidance for integration into current wardrobe)

Shopping Session – Includes consultation discussion & 3-hour shopping session, which is ideal after Closet Overhaul service.  { $250 }

  • Discuss wardrobe needs from a fit, style, and color perspective
  • Create a pre-shopping plan including targeted wardrobe items and stores that fit your budget, body type, and personal style
  • Accompany you to stores and advise throughout shopping process (and have FUN while we’re at it!)
  • Offer unbiased feedback throughout shopping process

New Wardrobe Package – Combines Closet Overhaul & Shopping session – 15% discount for booking both appointments at once.

Special Event Styling – Includes consultation discussion & 1-hour shopping session.  { $100 }


E-Styling Services – Near or far, I can offer web-based style advice for you!  Whether you need to update your entire wardrobe or you just need ideas for one specific event, I can help.  { $40/hour }

  • New Wardrobe – I’ll scour the internet for items to fit your budget and maximize your outfit potential to create a brand new wardrobe.  Following your budget suggestions and based off of your particular style preferences and body type, I will mix and match new items to create as many outfits as possible so you get the most for your money.  Shoes and accessories are always included!  This is an especially helpful service whether you’re entering a new phase of your life or entering a new season of the year.
  • Engagement/Family Photo Outfits – If you’re getting professional photos done, let me take the guesswork out of what will look best in front of the camera.  I’ll coordinate your outfits so they work well together without being too matchy-matchy!
  • Bridal Party Styling – Whether you’re looking for different dresses for each bridesmaid, or just something as simple as shoes and accessories, I can find a way to make your bridal party look beautifully put-together.
  • Honeymoon Outfit Guide – No time to figure out what to wear on the honeymoon because you’re too busy stressing over the details of your actual wedding?  No problem – allow me to pick out all of the items you’ll need for a stylish honeymoon.
  • Special Event Styling – Whether it’s your bridal shower, baby shower or you’re attending a gala or wedding, I can help find the right outfit for the occasion.

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