You may have noticed I’ve been blatantly absent over the last 6 months.  My post frequency has consistently waned, which I will blame on a few things – notably, my life has completely changed in the last 6 months and for a while, my inspiration went down the drain too.  I also started feeling less attached to this space, as lately I felt I was writing out of sheer obligation to cure the radio silence, rather than a desire to inspire others.  Over the years, I have tried to make this a site where women could come and feel like they learned something practical to put into motion in their own wardrobe, but now I feel there are other sites out there doing it better and with more fervor.

Because my heart is not currently in it, I am going to take a step back from this blog and see where things take me in the future. This is not necessarily a goodbye for ever, but likely an extended break with something new and fresh and more “me” in the future.  Perhaps it’s a new blog, re-branded, fresh, and with a different aim.  Perhaps I come back to this space.  Only time can tell.

Over the 4.5 years since this blog’s inception, I’ve written 471 posts (now 472) and there have been a lot of awesome things that happened to the blog over the years. I moved from blogger to WordPress, I got a big girl camera and my ex-boyfriend painstakingly photographed all of my outfit photos (I am very thankful to him for that).   I was also on the Everygirl (!) and have really honed my style over the past few years into what it is today.  In case you’re interested, my favorite posts (and yours too) have been the Easy to Follow Outfit Ideas (especially this red + animal print one!) and a few of my outfit posts (I will never get over this one, I felt so chic! and I loved this sunshiney post too).

To my readers, especially those who consistently read and commented and made me feel like I was adding something to their life (I am looking at you, Sister… but also Kelly…. “Quiet girl”…. Anne… Gaby…. Sarah T….Sarah M… Liz…. Audrey… and all of you other behind-the-scenes lurkers – ahem, a lot of my in-real-life friends!) a toast and a THANK YOU.  You made this worth it.

I will still be instragramming the crap out of my life at @L_Corso (just changed my name today).  I think my life is pretty amazing right now, and maybe you might like my instagram posts, so check it out.  I post all kinds of things…. quotes, clothes, food, and pictures of my new #urbantomatoplant :)

Lastly, I will also still be taking clients, both remote and in Cincinnati!  So please feel free to contact me!

Love, love, love to you all.  Thanks for the ride.


 Shop the post:  Tee // Scarf (under $10) // Jeans (c/o) // Clutch (similar)

Before we head into Easter weekend, I thought I’d share an easy casual outfit with you all!

I know some people don’t care for black during the day, but this is a pretty casual outfit, so I think it could be done for day or night.  I love this tee SO much.  The front is cotton and has a silk panel at the bottom and the back is entirely silk.  It is a much more fancy version of a classic t-shirt, and super comfortable.  Also, its hand wash, not dry clean only, so you don’t have to worry about the expense of dry cleaning it.  It’s also currently on sale for only $27 ($40 with an extra 30% off)!  For reference, I am wearing an XXS and there is room in it. The black and white print budget-friendly scarf  (under $10) was a good find – I love the royal blue trim – really makes the outfit pop a bit.  Lastly, oh Henry & Belle jeans how I love thee.  You are so stretchy and comfortable and most importantly FLATTERING!  I cannot sing your praises enough.


Shop the Post:  Banana Republic Striped Tee // Zara Yellow Jacket // Citizens of Humanity Racer Jean // Old Navy Bucket Bag // Ralph Lauren Heels // Gap Belt (old)

I am SO into this yellow jacket.  I put it on and feel like a million bucks.  I think we all deserve to have something in our closet that makes us feel that way, and at $159, I think this particular coat was a small-ish price to pay for such confidence and good wardrobe juju.  Do you have anything in your wardrobe that does that for you?

I love pairing this bold yellow with the navy stripes, but I’ve also worn it with a denim (chambray) button down and navy trousers for work.  I also plan to wear it with a cream shift dress this Spring.  It’s a really easy way to pump up an otherwise basic outfit!


I wore this outfit for a fun night out in Over-The-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati a few weekends ago.  Wanted to wear something sassy but a bit playful, which is where the camo tee comes in to play.  It’s not too serious, but creates a good visual interest for an otherwise basic outfit.  And let’s talk about these jeans.  They’re a little baggy in the knees in this photo because I had worn them a bunch of times before the photos were taken, but they are my ABSOLUTE favorites.  So soft, incredibly comfortable, and the perfect rise.  I struggle with jeans because I have a really short torso, but these have a low rise in the front and a high rise in the back so no worries about my butt showing (eeks!).  I highly recommend them!

Get the look:  Citizens of Humanity Racer Jeans in “Virtual” // Zara Blazer // Madewell Camo Tee // Hammered Metal Necklace // Sam Edelman Heels // H&M Clutch (old)

Photos by Liz Urso


Thought I’d share some of my recent purchases in hopes that it helps you see what I am buying – perhaps it gives you a little inspiration or pushes you in a new direction.  I’ve shared a few of these items on the blog already, but may not have mentioned that I bought them myself.  If you have any questions about the sizing of any of the items or the quality, let me know!

Sandals from Lulu*s – I mentioned these in my spring sandals + dresses post last week.  Love all three pairs!

Camo Tees – Splurged on one from Madewell last weekend and am so glad I did.  It’s sexy in a tomboyish sort of way, especially when worn with a structured blazer and statement necklace.  Also, for the more budget friendly shopper, Old Navy has camo tees right now too (for only $13), and I picked up the gray one.

Striped Dress / Bucket Bag – Speaking of Old Navy, they’re killing it lately (weird, I know).  I bought this striped dress to wear with my red sandals when the temp reaches a respectable level.  I also got my hands on this bucket bag and it is SO GOOD.  It looks and feels 10x more expensive than it is, at least!  For $30, I would recommend this to everyone (Liz bought it yesterday!).

Swing Top – This is so soft, comfortable, and perfect for the days you don’t feel like getting out of your pajamas but want to look cute anyway.  I got the green/cream striped version, but there are so many options!

Not pictured but also purchased in March – my first Helmut Lang purchase and this AMAZING black blazer (such a great fit and very much worth the $100).


It’s nearing the end of Winter, so your time for sporting the all-black ensemble is waning, but this is one of my absolute favorite no-brainer outfits.  It looks amazingly chic and you get the opportunity to showcase your hair or makeup a little more when your canvas is all black.  You can also use it as an opportunity to show off the amazing new statement necklace you’ve got, or try out the leather pants you’ve been wanting to wear.

My biggest tip is to just keep it sleek, but don’t go too simple.  Make sure you have at least one special piece on, whether it be a silk blouse, a killer pair of black sandals, or a new pair of sick boots. Below are some of the best black pieces you can pick up to put one of these all black outfits together.  Also – don’t forget about my past Easy To Follow Outfit ideas (army green + black), (animal print + red), and (stripes + blazers)!

Vegan Leather Pants / Blazer with Zippers / Leather Skirt / Pendant Necklace / Sunglasses

D’orsay Flats / Silk Blouse / Biker Jacket / Lace up Sandals / Black Denim

Ankle Strap Heels / Necklace / Ray Ban Sunglasses / Boots (only $66!) / Scallop Tank

images one two three four


Affordable Shoes for Spring

February 20, 2014

I’ve got Spring on the brain over here – sorry if you’re not ready to embrace that yet – just go with me here!

I got an email from Lulu’s yesterday, and while their clothes aren’t generally my cup of tea (a little too young/college for me), I really love their selection of affordable shoes.  I bought three pairs yesterday and used a 20% off coupon code STYLEWATCH2 (found it on retailmenot – I always look for a coupon code there before I make a purchase on any site!) and got all three shoes for $61 total!  Score! I bought the red shoes below, the same pair in camel, and the camel cutout heels below!

So I thought, given that I haven’t done a Thrifty Thursday post in a while, that I’d share my favorites with you guys so you can get in on the deals if you’re interested.  I also included fun dresses from ModCloth (admittedly not all super cheap, but still on the more budget-friendly side) that I’d pair with the shoes!

Red Sandals / Striped Dress / Blue Sandals / White Embroidered Dress / Camel Sandals / Maxi Dress / Black Sandals / Black Embroidered Dress


This is the worst.winter.ever.  I’ve had 4 groups of people push my rear-wheel drive BMW out of ice/snow… I’ve slipped on the ice twice and gotten lovely brown bruises on my knee and butt… My UGGs are getting way too much wear (gasp! the horror!)… This winter just needs to end.  Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.  SERIOUSLY.

So when it decided to reach the 30’s last week and the 40’s/50’s this week, I decided I am over this Winter crap and am ready to start wearing my Winter-to-Spring transition items, namely my printed and ankle-length pants.  Granted, it will probably be 20 degrees again next week but I am trying to enjoy it while I can.

On the left is an outfit I actually wore last week (you may have seen it on Instagram).  I broke out the ankle length pants last week (pretty into these black and white printed pants from Gap – love the fit and pattern), but since it was still cold, I paired them with a pair of ankle length boots, so only an inch or so of my leg was sticking out.  The other two outfits I don’t own but have my eyes set on both of the pairs of pants.  In the middle, when it gets a bit warmer, I feel a little more sporty with my ankle/foot-showing-abilities and go for the full pump (aside from the commute to work, when I am still wearing boots so I don’t slip and break an ankle).  On the right – the striped pants are too fun to pass off, and since Gap always has 40% off sales, I could pick these pants up for only about $35.  Sold!

Are you starting to transition your wardrobe yet?  What are you itching to wear again over the next few months?

Left:  Swing Top / Printed Pants / Bracelet (gold)  / Bracelet (Black) / Boots

Middle:  Swing Top / Necklace / Printed Pants / Heels  Right:  Sweater / Belt / Printed Pants / Boots


Mens’ Style Sessions

February 11, 2014

This blog is generally about womens’ clothing, but I have been thinking about mens’ clothing a lot lately.  I posted a photo on instagram on Sunday after the first mens’ session I have had in a long time – I felt energized and excited afterwards because it gave me a different perspective.  I feel like I’ve been in a funk with womens’ clothes, so it was a nice change of pace and a new reference point for me to be inspired by and work from.  It also didn’t hurt that this particular client had a pretty solid wardrobe to start off with (J Brand jeans, Burberry trench anyone??).

(two of the outfits I put together on Sunday)

 (left) Gingham check shirt // Lacoste Sweater (similar) // Chinos (in melted caramel) // Allen Edmonds Boots (similar)

 (right) J Crew Army jacket // J Crew Gingham Shirt // J Brand “Darren” Jeans // Allen Edmonds Boots

A lot of women would be hesitant to let their husband/boyfriend hire a wardrobe consultant because they think that that is their job as the wife or girlfriend (I’ve heard this excuse about a billion times now) – but the bottom line is that an outsider can bring in a level of creativity to the process that would not be there with someone that knows you so well.  A wife or girlfriend will pick things within their comfort zone – not pushing the boundaries.  The boundaries are meant to be pushed!

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a mens’ blog for a WHILE  now and will hopefully get my figurative sh*t together and finally launch it in the Spring.  It has become apparent to me that guys trust a woman’s instinct, and I think there is a void of women voicing their opinion on what men should wear.  So hopefully this idea will pick up some momentum for me and I will make it happen!


Style Crush: TTH

February 4, 2014

It’s happened again.  The winter wardrobe boredom has set in.  I wear the same stuff all the time lately and it’s seriously cramping my vibe.  I’ve got a reputation to uphold here, people!

So, in keeping with my own advice, I’ve been pulling inspiration photos and Taylor Tomasi Hill (and her stunning red hair) has really hit the spot for me.  Particularly, I loved the mixture of ladylike / sexy in the outfit below.  Isn’t it fun sometimes to think outside of your comfort zone?  I would normally think wearing a lacy bralette under a blouse is way too racy for me, but TTH makes it look feminine and pretty rather than trashy and racy.

Here’s how you can get the look (for a very affordable price, too, I might add!)

 One // Two // Three // Four // Five  // Six // Seven // Eight //  Nine //  Ten //  Eleven // Twelve