Transitioning into Spring with Printed Pants

February 18, 2014

This is the worst.winter.ever.  I’ve had 4 groups of people push my rear-wheel drive BMW out of ice/snow… I’ve slipped on the ice twice and gotten lovely brown bruises on my knee and butt… My UGGs are getting way too much wear (gasp! the horror!)… This winter just needs to end.  Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.  SERIOUSLY.

So when it decided to reach the 30’s last week and the 40’s/50’s this week, I decided I am over this Winter crap and am ready to start wearing my Winter-to-Spring transition items, namely my printed and ankle-length pants.  Granted, it will probably be 20 degrees again next week but I am trying to enjoy it while I can.

On the left is an outfit I actually wore last week (you may have seen it on Instagram).  I broke out the ankle length pants last week (pretty into these black and white printed pants from Gap – love the fit and pattern), but since it was still cold, I paired them with a pair of ankle length boots, so only an inch or so of my leg was sticking out.  The other two outfits I don’t own but have my eyes set on both of the pairs of pants.  In the middle, when it gets a bit warmer, I feel a little more sporty with my ankle/foot-showing-abilities and go for the full pump (aside from the commute to work, when I am still wearing boots so I don’t slip and break an ankle).  On the right – the striped pants are too fun to pass off, and since Gap always has 40% off sales, I could pick these pants up for only about $35.  Sold!

Are you starting to transition your wardrobe yet?  What are you itching to wear again over the next few months?

Left:  Swing Top / Printed Pants / Bracelet (gold)  / Bracelet (Black) / Boots

Middle:  Swing Top / Necklace / Printed Pants / Heels  Right:  Sweater / Belt / Printed Pants / Boots

  • ashleigh

    I really like the pants in the middle. I have a pair of Ikat printed trousers and they really make an outfit!

    • Lauren Corso

      Totally agree – stunners like ikat pants are definitely the an Outfit-Maker type piece!

  • quietgirl

    Yes! I bought a JCrew Factory flannel shirt last summer in lavender, peacock and white. It looks like spring but the fabric is still Winter. Just purchased a cashmere short sleeve top in peacock. What a surprize! They match. I like to buy a couple of winter sweaters in Spring colors. I can wear them now till early May! Great post, Lauren, and thanks for the pointing to the trends YOU are wearing. The middle pants above are amazing.

    • Lauren Corso

      I agree – I like to buy some spring colored sweaters too… it really does help with the transition. I’d prefer not to be wearing as much black and navy as it starts to get warmer. So glad you enjoyed this post! xoxo

    • Tony Rio

      Yes thanks Lauren! No more Navy? BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      Oh there has never been such tragic hilarity in my life.

  • Anne

    SERIOUSLY. And now I think I need some printed ankle pants. Love these outfits! Also, I am in hate with my ankle boots right now after this long of wearing nothing else, but I think I could like wearing boots again with that first pair – love those.

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