Style Crush: TTH

February 4, 2014

It’s happened again.  The winter wardrobe boredom has set in.  I wear the same stuff all the time lately and it’s seriously cramping my vibe.  I’ve got a reputation to uphold here, people!

So, in keeping with my own advice, I’ve been pulling inspiration photos and Taylor Tomasi Hill (and her stunning red hair) has really hit the spot for me.  Particularly, I loved the mixture of ladylike / sexy in the outfit below.  Isn’t it fun sometimes to think outside of your comfort zone?  I would normally think wearing a lacy bralette under a blouse is way too racy for me, but TTH makes it look feminine and pretty rather than trashy and racy.

Here’s how you can get the look (for a very affordable price, too, I might add!)

 One // Two // Three // Four // Five  // Six // Seven // Eight //  Nine //  Ten //  Eleven // Twelve

  • Michelle

    I think it works with the longer skirt. Love her hair.

  • Rebecca Lately

    She’s gorgeous. I’ve never heard of her before. Based on these photos, she has amazing style!

  • Anne

    Ugh, yes – SO BORED. And yes, I do expect great outfits of you :) This one isn’t so much for my lifestyle but I agree it’s gorgeous on her!

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