Quick Fix Wardrobe Tricks

February 26, 2013

I often times find myself getting dressed and thinking of solutions I would like to find for certain wardrobe issues, but always forgetting to follow up on them until I run into the issue again, at which point it is clearly too late. Lately, though, I have been thinking about these wardrobe issues and finding a quick fix until I can make time for a real solution.

The day before I headed out to Alt Summit in Utah, I found a cute, cheap necklace from Forever 21 that I wanted to wear with a blouse. Unfortunately, the necklace wasn’t quite long enough and sat awkwardly over the collar of the blouse. Since I was leaving the next day, there wasn’t time for me to order a proper necklace extender, but I knew the necklace and blouse would look much better if the necklace was about six inches longer. I gave myself 5 minutes to think and came up with a simple solution.

Using a few clear elastics that I already had at home, I took about 7 of them and make a cut through each to make one long piece of elastic instead a loop. Then, I tied ends together to make one long strand of elastics. Once I had about 6 inches of tied elastics, I tied one end to each end of the necklace.

I ended up with a longer necklace and an extender that was clear, so it couldn’t be seen against my blouse (it also helped to have my hair cover up the actual ends and clasp of the necklace, but if you don’t need as much length, those parts of the necklace could sit behind your neck). It was also easy to get over my head since I made it with elastic material. Another option would be to use pretty ribbon and tie a piece onto each end of the necklace, then tie the two pieces together into a pretty bow around your neck. Given that this was a very last-minute solution, I didn’t have any black silk ribbon around the house, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

The other issue I commonly run into is sweating while wearing silk blouses – sorry if this grosses you out, but the reality is that a lot of women sweat in silk blouses! And for me, once I realize I am sweating, it stresses me out and I sweat more! While I was at Alt Summit, I really wanted to avoid sweat stains on my shirt, so my roommate Jeran (slightly jokingly) mentioned that I should try putting panty liners on the inside of the silk blouse to see if that might help.  I just turned the shirt inside out, placed the liners at the armpit seam, and firmly rubbed the liners so the adhesive was in place. (I put the liners running along the arm seam, so they were running vertically along my armpit, rather than horizontally)

I couldn’t feel the super thin liners, no one could see them, and it completely wicked away any sweat! I will never have to deal with the embarrassment again, nor will I have to dry clean my blouses as often (which is actually quite hard on clothes). One more tip, though: make sure to buy panty liners with end-to-end adhesive (not the cheap Walgreen’s brand like featured above that only have adhesive on the middle), because the adhesive is the key in making sure the liner doesn’t slip around or bunch up!

Do you have any at-home tips you can share?  Send me an email (lauren@stylizedexistence.com) if you’d like your tip to be featured on Stylized Existence!

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