Accessorize: iPhone Covers

November 30, 2012

I am popping in on Friday with a very important request.  I need your help to pick a new iPhone case!  You see…. my much-loved 2.5 year old iPhone 4 called it quits a few weeks ago, so I just picked up the white iPhone 5 and desperately need to put a case on it so I don’t ruin it.  I consulted Society6 and found TOO MANY good covers.  So I was hoping you might chime in with your vote for a favorite to help me decide!

Top Left  // Top Right // Bottom Left // Bottom Right

What’s your pick!?

  • PennyPincherFashion

    Love top right and bottom left – they are all fabulous though!! :)

  • Jackie

    Society6 could be the death of my bank account. There are about 452 covers that I currently am coveting. Of your picks above, I love them all, but the top right is my favorite.

  • Liz (26 and Counting)

    I like both of the top choices, but if I had to pick….I’d probably go with the top left!

  • Alison

    Top right…classic

  • hollys

    multicolored sparkles! festive & fabulous

  • Sarah

    They have the best covers!! I choose top left but bottom left is very fun…

  • Gaby

    I got mine from Society 6 as well, they have too many gorgeous ones, it was definitely tough! But among these I vote for the two top ones, LOVE them!

  • babs

    i like the bottom left and top left!

    • babs

      now i’m looking at phone cases when i should be working. :)

  • Anne

    Oh, man – Society6 has way too many great options. I was choosing from about 10 when I got mine, and I didn’t even spot these 4 great ones! I used to have gold stripes, so I’m kind of partial to top right, but bottom right is SO fun.

  • Emily

    Definitely bottom right! :)

  • Martha Boyce

    Bottom right all the way!

  • Kelly Lucas Gorney

    Guess what?! I can comment now!!!! 😀

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