Classic with a Twist

February 22, 2012

I posted last week about colored denim, and since then I’ve acquired another pair in a pretty magenta shade.   I was in DC this past weekend visiting all of my best friends from college and wore this same look, but with the green jeans I purchased at Urban last week and black flats instead!  Lately, chambray and leopard are really “neutrals” in my mind.  Both pair well with tons of colors and instantly make an outfit more fun.  You’ll notice that I cuffed up the pants on the inside because I didn’t want them to bunch at the bottom;  Cuffing, whether on the inside or outside, is a simple fix until you have time to get to the tailor.  In case you’re interested in buying the pants, FYI: they’re more of a cotton feel (not like denim) and they’re sized in a junior sizing scheme.

Pants: Target / Shirt: J. Crew / Belt: Target / Shoes: Nine West / Bracelets & Necklace: Forever 21

Watch: DKNY / Clutch: K.Slademade / Nail polish: Essie Chinchilly

Happy Wednesday!

  • Laura

    Love the colour of your jeans – they look gorgeous with the denim shirt!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thank you Laura!

  • Neris

    in love with the color of your pants! looking gorgeous!


    Fashion Fractions

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Neris!

  • Penny Pincher Fashion

    Cannot believe those skinnies are from Target – going to have to go check them out…loving that color!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      I know!!!!! And they have like, 8 colors. They’re wonderful!

  • Mae

    oh my gosh, I about fell over when I saw your pants! You are rockin it girl!
    I’ve been searching for colored jeans/pants and have yet to find any that I love…but I love those! And Target?!
    The best.

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Hahahha I love your comments. Try target! You might have to have them hemmed, but for $23, you can afford the tailor bill! xoxoxo

  • manda

    very cute! I’m on the hunt for the perfect red jean… game on!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      These were more pink, but Target also makes these in red – check them out!

      • manda

        no target in canada (yet! it’s coming) :)

        • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

          Oh total bummer! bless your heart (and bank account) when it comes to Canada. That store is a black hole for $$$

  • Stephanie

    I will be running to Target this week! You can’t beat the price and color options of those pants. So so cute!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      I know – the options are amazing. I also debated buying the yellow – I am a sucker for yellow!

      • Alison H

        Oh yes buy them in yellow for sure! You’d look great in yellow :-)

  • Amanda

    I’m so glad you told me via instagram where you purchased these and the real pants from!
    Loving this look!

    • Amanda

      *teal pants

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Yes! hope you find a pair you like!

  • respect the shoes

    Great color pairing! I am on a chambray kick right now – it seems so easy casual yet on-trend!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Me too – I cant get enough of chambray!

  • Sarah

    Love this! I think chambray and leopard are perfect neutrals too. You have convinced to try out the Target pants. Sometimes I get scared away when they size their stuff in the junior sizes but you are rockin it, girl!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Yes! Let me know what you think, Sarah! I had to get a size 5 in the pants (the 1 and the three wouldnt even go over my knees!!! hahahaha!!!) don’t be scared by the sizing, the numbers literally mean nothing and you’re the only person who will EVER see it. so get over the numbers :)

  • lidiya

    I adore the pants, the colour is absolutely gorgeous! And I adore the denim shirt, they work so well together <3

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks lidiya!

  • Alexa

    Ah glorious! I adore your belt (obviously)! :)

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Alexa – it was such a good steal at $13!

  • Teo

    What an amazing outfit.i love the jeans
    You’r sense of style it’s amazing girl
    xoxo Teo
    hope to hear from you soon!

    BTW Following you for sure;)

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Teo!

  • Annie

    The colors in this outfit work so well together – and I love the pop of leopard – so cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Annie!

  • Kelly Gorney

    What a fun punch of color! Looks great on you!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Kel!

  • Gloria

    I can’t believe those pants are from Target – I want one in each color!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      I know! You can get one in each of the 7 colors for less than a pair of Hudsons :)

  • Eileen

    I wear my chambray and leopard all the time as neutrals too! Love your outfit :-)


    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks, Eileen!

  • Crystalin

    Love the chambray paired with colored denim! Such a cute look :)

  • laurlech

    this look is killller

  • Jelena

    Very pretty combination, leopard belt goes excellent with purple tones!! <3

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