Street Lights

January 25, 2012

If I want to take outfit photos during the week, this is how it’s probably going to go:

Me: “Joey, can you get home from work before it gets dark?”

Joey: (laughs) ….. (crickets)….. (this means no)

Well, last night we were lucky and both made it home to sneak a few pictures in right before it got dark… but after only a few photos, the street lights turned on and ruined everything, or so I thought.  The first two pictures are from before the lights came on, and the remaining pictures are from the dusk, street lamp-lit evening.  I actually think they’re quite nice, even though they mask the true color of my outfit just a bit.  FYI:  To make this corporate america-friendly, I tucked the blouse in a bit and traded the leather jacket for a tailored Banana Republic blazer.

Skirt – Thrifted {Similar} / Shirt – Forever21 {Similar} / Purse – Bottega Veneta / Jacket –  Forever21 / Tights – Hue via Nordstrom Rack / Shoes – Aldo (ON SALE!)

Now onto the street light glow photos………..

  • Megan

    You look amazing! I love this outfit and the lighting in these photos is stunning.

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thank you Megan – the lighting worked out so well!

  • Stephanie

    These turned out great! Winter makes it a real challenge to ahieve non-flash, nautral lit photos doesn’t it? I kinda wish it stayed light until 9 year round!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      I hate winter! especially in grey Cincinnati…. can’t wait for sun filled days to shoot prettier photos!

  • Kelly Gorney

    How fun! Love that jacket. It is very difficult to find enough daylight this time of year. I’m struggling a lot!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks! Joey and I need to get some photog tips soon 😉

      • Kelly Gorney

        If only you knew someone….hehe! We’ll have to get together and play!

  • Amanda

    Absolutely love the pop of red with the black and animal print. Such a fun combination!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Amanda!

  • Alison H

    I am loving the outfit pictures! It is awesome to see your picks on and in real life! Love the jacket and blouse.

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks bella!

  • navy & orange

    love that shirt~!

    xoxo navy & orange

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Like $15 at F21, great buy!!

  • daisy

    just found your blog and i love it :) and i need a red skirt for myself!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks daisy! Glad to have you here!

  • Manda

    Aw, I love this! So proud of you and all your hard work. Now time to buy those shoes. Xoxo

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Min!!! Love you too!

  • Alexa

    So pretty. LOVE the red!

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thank you Alexa!

  • Erin

    Love this look. Nice work bff

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Er, this would look great on you, too!!!

  • Hayley

    Just found your blog and I love it! Great style. I love the amber lights that the street lights cast as well, gives it a really warm glow! I always beg my man to take my photo and it is like I am asking him to go to the dentist and get a root canal! But he (begrudgingly) does it anyways!

    The Weekend File: Life & Style

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Hahahaha! I know, Hayley! It’s too funny that all these bloggers make their boyfriends and husbands take photos of them. We should compile a photo spread of the ones behind the camera!

  • Carly {a simple affair}

    Too funny! about Joey Love how you transitioned the outfit to make it more corporate friendly. The third picture is by far my favorite…so pretty.

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Carly!

  • Mae

    You are a doll! You look fantastic…this is one of my favorite combinations!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & for your sweet comment, Lauren!
    I’m so happy to have connected with you

    • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

      Thanks Mae, glad you found your way over here!

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